• We’re bringing the Silicon to a Hood near you

  • What would you change or create, if you knew to code and had the resources, funding & space?

  • Space for hands-on seminars, workshops training culturally sensitive and niche focused

  • Resources, Support and most importantly Process & “How To”, Space & Funding everything a modern startup needs!

  • Fostering startups that address solutions for niche sectors with an interest in Tele-presence

  • We're focused on fostering startups that address solutions for niche sectors, and we have a keen interest in Tele-presence as a tool to connect ad extend the offline experience online!

  • Tools not Apps;_ The only one who believes in apps that do one thing … are those who do not need to get specific things done!

  • The Tibiae Tech difference is designed to Impact Local communities Globally... starting in Brooklyn

Focused On

The Adaptation and Adoption of Technology into Creative, Arts and Culture, Music, Fashion, Local, Global, Ethnic & Local Media Initiatives! READ MORE

The Tuberiam

An extended ecosystem of events, services, support, workspace, resources and networking opportunities! Sign Up For Launch Date

Startup Accelerator

Accelerate Time to Market: Accelerate Impact: Accelerate Reach: Accelerate Visibility: Accelerate Growth! READ MORE 


Special resources and programs to help experts join the tech revolution as entrepreneurs and early stage startups! READ MORE

Coworking space

Affordable  wifi, accessible  local space designed with cultural sensitivity,  situated in local communities READ MORE

Startup 2012

... What would you do with technology if you could?

Tibiae Tech brings the Silicon into the “hood” with a startup concept designed specifically to facilitate the adoption, adaptation and creation of new and emerging technology by and for local entrepreneurs! Tibiae Tech seeks to help local experts make culturally relevant and successful transitions to the inevitable tech powered “solution” within their niche and thus proactively create effective solutions. Tibiae Tech is about shifting the economic decline in urban communities. The multi-pronged approach creates a ‘pipeline,” Tibiae Tech Solutions provide technology, funding, housing, mentorship, incubation, marketing and distribution to enable experts in niche local micro sectors who answer the question “what would you do with technology if you could?” to access and develop technologies, focused on scalable next generation concepts!